2021 Q2 Commercial Insurance Pricing Trends

Sep 16, 2021

Market Observations:

Looking Forward

As we enter Q3 2021, there are several key issues we will continue to monitor.

As Cyber-related incidents continue to evolve and become more costly for insureds, pricing increases, capacity and underwriter scrutiny will all be put to the test. Ransomware activity moving forward will need to be closely examined as we enter what looks to be another problematic quarter on the cyber liability front.

Following the widespread destruction of Hurricane Ida, Property lines will also need to be watched closely as damage totals are confirmed, and we gain a better understanding of insured vs. uninsured loss ratios.

We will also be watching the lines with more moderated pricing increases in Q2 2021. This progress is promising, giving hope that a softening marketplace is on the horizon.

Source: CIAB Q2 2021 Commercial Market/Casualty Market Index