Robert J. Klonk

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Unison Risk Advisors™ & Oswald Companies

Robert T. Cawley

President, Unison Risk Advisors™ Chief Executive Officer, RCM&D

Chris Eberhardt

Chief Financial Officer Unison Risk Advisors™ & Oswald Companies

Kimberly Anderson

Chief Administrative Officer, Unison Risk Advisors™ Chief Financial Officer, RCM&D

Arun Kottha

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Unison Risk Advisors™ & Oswald Companies

Steffany Larkins

President, Employee Benefits Division Unison Risk Advisors™

Board of Directors

Robert J. Klonk

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Robert T. Cawley

President and Chief Executive Officer

David C. Jacobs

Board of Directors

Ann Harlan

Board of Directors

Scott Sinder

Board of Directors

Richard Stovsky

Board of Directors

Steve Faraone

Board of Directors

Mike Murray

Board of Directors

Kurt Watson

Board of Directors

M&A Diligence Team Contacts

Andrew Maisano

SVP Corporate Development

Moira Lyon

Development Lead, Oswald Companies

Mark Sucoloski

Development Lead, RCM&D

Chris McCue

Development Lead, NSI

Denise Tapp

Director of Financial Projects
Due Diligence and Integration Coordinator

Steve Lee

Senior Counsel