2024 Construction Benchmark Report

Apr 17, 2024

The construction market is alive and well, especially given the windfall of $550 billion in federal funds provided for the sector over the next five years. However, this year’s benchmark survey revealed some surprising challenges for the construction industry.

With nearly 1,500 respondents, much of the data met general expectations.

On the bright side, property values increased while rates remained largely stable. General liability rates were relatively stable.

Still, payroll as a percentage of revenue did not rise in all areas. It varied across the board, with general contractors receiving the lowest pay and plumbing/HVAC having the highest wages.

Equipment limits for contractors increased and their coverage varied by segment, with highway/underground leading the way with the highest limits.

Those trends were on track with our research, but there were some notable surprises.

This year’s standout was general construction, which accounted for about one-third of the respondents and a combined $17 billion in revenue. The average company in this specialty generated just over $33 million last year.

As expected, their limits on property insurance increased and equipment limits were modest. Property rates decreased even as the total insured value increased. The size of the contractor determined the rate per million of excess liability limit.

On the other hand, general construction saw some dramatic an unexpected changes year-over-year.

The sector saw a large increase in property values and excess liability rates. This resulted in a significant reduction in excess liability limits. Professional liability limits also increased compared to last year’s report.

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