Partner Testimonials

Competitive Advantage

“My partner and I did not have the volume to hire the expertise that allowed us to compete with larger brokers in the ever-changing world of risk management. We now feel comfortable calling on any size organization and know that we will have the ability to add value to their broker/client relationship. Oswald allows us the opportunity to grow in new business written and to do a better job for our existing clients from an overall coverage standpoint. Our current customers are better off because we joined Oswald, and we are able to offer our prospects a better overall insurance program in all areas of their risk management program.”

Jim Gulick
Sales Executive

Living Legacies

“Unison Risk Advisors™ offers a perpetuation path for independent firms who want to realize the vision of their hard work in the present, while ensuring their employees can achieve unmatched growth and success for the future ahead.”

Matthew Kahn

Growth Opportunity

“The Unison Risk Advisors™ platform allows its partners to operate independently while collaborating to streamline and strengthen operations through shared services and an employee-driven ownership structure.”

Oscar Seikaly

Enhanced Customer Experience

“Several years ago, I was reminded by one of our clients that my firm’s relationship exists by continually bringing value and insight into assisting them with managing their risk. Joining Oswald allowed us to deliver a more robust client experience supported by a group of highly talented insurance professionals. Adding to this, Oswald’s culture of community involvement and employee engagement creates an atmosphere where people are invested in their careers and are inspired to serve their clients.”

Jeffery Phillips
VP, Practice Leader

Ownership and Accountability

“Through our employee-ownership structure, all employees that join Unison Risk Advisors™ become shareholders of the business they serve. This unique model equates to personal accountability for the success of our clients.”

Matthew Kahn


“First and foremost, I joined the platform because the company was committed to staying private and it provided more opportunity for advancement for my team. In addition, this provided more value to my customers because they could obtain coverage for any risk.”

Paula M. Selvaggio
SVP, Advisor

Expanded Resources

Our firm joined RCM&D in late 2023 and clients quickly utilized the expanded resources that Unison Risk Advisors has to offer. Also, our employees were interested in the unique employee shareholder model that drives accountability. I am proud to work at an organization that has created a one-of-a-kind insurance home for our clients so they can continue to grow and succeed.

Josh Marvel
Senior Risk Advisor

Experience Matters

“Our firms collectively hold and deliver generations of focused experience and specialized knowledge in the most complex areas of commercial and personal risk management and insurance.”

Jessica Jung


“We merged in 2010, guided by the vision of creating more opportunities for my clients and employees. I wanted to be part of an employee-owned organization that had a client and employee-first mission that is not controlled by Wall Street. I wanted an environment that creates opportunities for employee growth and ownership and can design specific solutions around risk without bureaucracy. Over a decade later, all the employees that have come with me are excelling in new roles and leadership positions. Our clients experience the innovative solutions and commitment to excellence that only our unique partnership can offer. My vision has become complete. My clients and employees thank me for making this strategic move.”

Steve Baltas
SVP, Principal Advisor

Passion for Excellence

"I decided to join the team at NSI after meeting Jim McCue and Oscar Seikaly and learning their passion for enhancing the consumer experience is aligned with mine. As a Global Leader in risk management, NSI has specialized products and industry experts enabling me to bring more value to my insureds. Unlike other large risk management firms, our parent company, Unison Risk Advisors™, enables our entire team to have ownership in the company. As an employee-owned company, our team has a passion to serve our clients that is unparalleled in the insurance industry."

Jason Bishara
Financial Practice Leader

Strength in Numbers

“Our access and strength within the insurance markets continues to expand with each new partnership to our platform.”

Matthew Kahn

People First

“Our shared missions of helping our employees and clients thrive makes for an inclusive and energizing culture, as well as rewarding career paths.”

Jessica Jung

Resources and Technology

"The reason I decided to join forces with NSI Insurance was because our agency was unable to add the necessary resources and technology to reach our growth goals. During a lengthy due diligence process, NSI stood out the most due to their Florida presence, technology capabilities, level of industry expertise, work-life balance culture, and the opportunity offered to me to continue my career within their leadership team."

Michael Reyes, CPIA
Senior Vice President

Privately Held

“As planners and risk management professionals, we originally intended to establish a contingency plan for our families and employees in the event of a catastrophe. We realized that due to Oswald’s culture, privately held company status, strong construction practice group and headquarters in Cleveland, it made sense to join forces. My intent was to retire upon completion of our earn-out period. However, a challenging opportunity to help lay a foundation for the growth of a new local branch office outweighed my original personal intentions. I ended up staying on-board an additional three years before retiring. It was a pleasure working with Oswald. I appreciated their fairness, promptness, and the follow-through I experienced through the entire process/relationship.”

Eric Teske
VP, Senior Sales Executive

Seamless Process

“Merging my practice with Oswald was a seamless process, and it allowed us to continue providing the personalized service to our clients.”

Jeffrey Wasserman
Executive VP, Managing Director

Strong Foundation

"For 65 years, NSI has taken a smarter approach to serving our clients – by understanding the issues they face and what’s on the line for them. We can continue down that path as a partner of Unison Risk Advisors™ while also securing a strong foundation for the company’s future."

Oscar Seikaly

Working in Unison

“We are stronger together, built on our combined bench strength and ability to collaborate to best serve the client.”

Jessica Jung