Kimberly Anderson

Chief Administrative Officer, Unison Risk Advisors™
Chief Financial Officer, RCM&D

Kim Anderson brings a wealth of industry expertise to her roles as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for Unison Risk Advisors™ and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for RCM&D. She is responsible for managing the budget and financial resources of RCM&D while overseeing administrative operations and providing key insights to drive strategic decisions for Unison Risk Advisors™ and its partner companies.

As the CAO of Unison Risk Advisors™, Kim plays a pivotal role in spearheading the strategic growth plan for URA. Working in close collaboration with department leaders and staff, she provides invaluable support in overseeing daily operations and facilitating comprehensive long-term planning.

As the CFO for RCM&D, Kim provides financial insights to drive the strategic decisions for the firm. With a keen attention to detail and a customer-focused approach, Kim effectively communicates all financial matters to stakeholders, colleagues, business partners and clients. Her extensive leadership on financial audit and investment committees helps to empower informed decision-making and ensure financial success.

Kim joined RCM&D in 2007 and quickly rose through the ranks to the role of Chief Financial Officer. During this time, she demonstrated her accounting expertise and analytical skills by leading numerous projects, including the implementation of a new agency management system, general ledger platform, incentive compensation structure and data integrity initiatives. She assumed her role as CAO of Unison Risk Advisors™ following the strategic merger of RCM&D and Oswald Companies in 2020.

Education & Professional Development

Kim earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business and accounting at Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University).